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Red Cabbage with Ginger & Chilies

Olive oil
Ginger, minced
Dried Thai chilies (substitute dried red peppers), whole
Sesame oil
Red cabbage, shredded

Shred red cabbage. Blanche cabbage and strain. Mince ginger and add to hot wok with olive oil. As ginger begins to pop, add dried chilies and sauté. Add cabbage and stir quickly, coating cabbage with oil, ginger and chilies. Add more olive oil or a little bit of water if necessary. Stir until cabbage is cooked -- just before wilting. Add sesame oil. Toss to cover and serve. Do not eat the dried chilies.
(You can use bok choy or Napa cabbage instead of red cabbage.)

Adrienne Matt, HHC
holistic health counselor
optimum health through food & herbs